Your 2021 Guift Guide

2020 is ending like a blink of an eye. Like, what? It was a year of disaster and also it was a year full of hope. We hoped this pandemic to get over as soon as possible and finally the news has arrived: Vaccine is coming somehow. This is a reason to celebrate, right? Let's start the next year with high motivation and dedication. To pump your energy we gathered and prepared a gift guide for you and your loved ones with women-owned small businesses. Because this is the perfect time to support small businesses, and why not women-owned ones?

So here goes the list...

Ethically Made & Delicious Gift Pack

We met with Fair Fashionista at the Startup School Accelerator and kept our connection. She started this business to bring ethically made fashion to consumers with a brand new business modal. Also, we have to mention that she is a food blogger that makes our stomach to roar :) Count on her on this package!

A Yummy CBD

This one is a brand new women-owned business and makes everyone in the industry just, WOW. The story behind the brand impacted us all and the focus of the founder of House of Wise, Amanda, is to

help women take control of their sex, sleep, and stress in a very funny way. The most important thing is that she created an affiliate program for women willing to support her business and she makes others make money while she is making money. What a brilliant idea!

Gardening at Home Made Easy

Who doesn't want a company while lockdown? This company is edible and smells really nice ;) Onatah Seed created a package for beginners to grow their own seeds at home. Check it out.

The Art of Peeing!

This one is really interesting. Our wellness is really important and it's not only measured with our heartbeat and our steps. You can also check your pee too... Vivoo enables its users to analyze their pee and regulate their diet to a healthier day. This is exactly supporting our mission too! Check their product!

A Jar of Hygge

Another lockdown is coming. You probably already use meditation apps or videos. So why not support it with a good smelling candle. Or have your coffee by the window and watch the street in a romantic environment. We picked pumpkin creme, you should give it a try!

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