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Everything you need to know about
Triwi Smart Bra

World's #1 mobile app & wearable device turning self breast exams a sticky habit, in the making.

Health Journaling Guide: Welcome

Hi, We Are Founders of Triwi

Mom & Daughter

Here at Triwi Global, we know that supporting each other is the key message to the community. A little support from one woman to another can change the world! Since 2018, we are designing technologies and services for women with women. Our core business is giving strength to a woman by guidance to touch and listen to the small signs their body gives.

Health Journaling Guide: Who We Are

No but really, what does a smart bra do?

Past Exam Archieve

Breast Exam Guidance

Monthly Self Exam Reminder

Health Journaling Guide: Liste

Can a bra help you to make self-breast check-ups a sticky habit?

The Triwi Smart Bra can!

Let Triwi Assistant Remind You Your Self-Check Day

Leave Your Fingers To The Flow & Finish Your Exam With Smart Bra

Add Notes To Your Exam Summary & Let Your Doctor Know

Health Journaling Guide: List

Why should you use a smart bra?

Because early detection saves lives

Because it is easier than doing it alone

Because it makes self check a habit

Because we care

Health Journaling Guide: Features

Do you feel lost during breast exams?

Let Triwi be your guide during your monthly checks

Health Journaling Guide: Başlık
IMG_0092 (1).png

What do you get when you order Triwi?

👍🏻 A self-check cup
👍🏻 A covering sports bra
👍🏻 A guide for using triwi smart bra
👍🏻 Charger & magic box

Health Journaling Guide: Hoş Geldiniz

Triwi: A big step towards breast health

Self checks made easy

And this couldn't be any simpler.


Spend 5 minutes every month for your breasts

Follow the simple instructions in the guide

Image by Jannes Jacobs

Observe your body's signals

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