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FREE Health Journaling Guide

The health journaling guide is finally out! The easiest and most fun way to keep track of women's health.

Health Journaling Guide: Welcome

Hi, We Are Founders of Triwi

Mom & Daughter

Here at Triwi Global, we know that supporting each other is the key message to the community. A little support from one woman to another can change the world! Since 2018, we are designing technologies and services for women with women. Our core business is giving strength to a woman by guidance to touch and listen to the small signs their body gives.

But one thing still bothers us...

Health Journaling Guide: Who We Are

Why so many women struggle with how their body works & are alerted all the time?

Some women don't care the weird signals their body gives and are generally happy with the way they live.

But for others, body signals can be overwhelming like :



Exhausting PMS Symptoms


Stressful Pregnancies


Anxiety & Depression


Health Journaling Guide: Liste

Here's the truth about why women are alerted about their body all the time

What you are told about your "normal" symptoms are not tracked, measured and shared with your doctor properly.


Because you think it's normal to happen, you don't pay attention to the repetitive behaviours of your symptoms through your hormonal cycle.


You are told that being moody and having cramps is OK if you are a woman. But how much pain are you struggling with exactly, are you just moody or are you struggling with high performing anxiety?


What are the timing of your symptoms according to your menstrual health, exactly in which week of your pregnancy your symptoms has started?

Health Journaling Guide: List

Our Philosophy of Health Journaling

Remember to journal from time to time

Journaling guidance with detailed resources

Never feel alone with the women health community

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Health Journaling Guide: Features

FREE Health Journaling Guide By Women, For Women

You don't need 10+ apps to track your symptoms that are not safe with your data. 
You only need 15 minutes of "me time" a day at least for 2 months to see some behaviors.

Health Journaling Guide: Başlık
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Journaling Guide For Beginners

👍🏻 Learn how to start journaling without overwhelming yourself
👍🏻 Learn how to set goals with the help of journaling
👍🏻 Learn how to analyze your health and improve your wellness with journaling
👍🏻 Learn how to do journaling with only pen and paper

Health Journaling Guide: Hoş Geldiniz

Journaling solves the #1 problem women have:

Getting used to the signals their body gives.

And this couldn't be any simpler.

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Spend 15 minutes everyday for yourself

Follow the simple instructions in the guide

Women in Workshop
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Observe your body's signals

Health Journaling Guide: Neler Yapıyoruz?
Health Journaling Guide: Contact
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