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What Are The Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Updated: Mar 1

Especially in recent years, all health organizations focused and invested in bringing awareness to breast cancer and the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Breast cancer and awareness are the center point of Triwi Global here.

We thought it might be nice and appropriate to discuss what we know about the issue. What is breast cancer? What are the common symptoms?

What should we do to understand whether we have it or not? This article focuses on these questions mainly.

breast cancer

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast seems like a political issue sometimes. Society has a lot to say about our breasts, do we wear them properly or not, do we take care of them or not... However, it's totally a medical organ that we have. It can be found in both gender and it's an organ we use to pump milk, understand our hormonal cycle, etc. Breast cancer itself is a disease found in breast tissue where certain cells change due to mutations and duplicates faster and more un