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6 Ways to Control Your Nerves During Your Cycle

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Do you often get irritated by people around you lately and then regret it? Are delays at work bothering you more than before? In short, do you want everyone to get to the point, quickly? Are you starting to think there's something underneath the way your friend looks at you?

In 1.5 weeks, you will relax. But that's 1.5 weeks... We have 6 suggestions for you. In these 1.5 weeks, we have compiled a list for you to leave behind the days when you are stressed, depressed and the patriarchal society hurts its female colleagues by saying,

"She's so moody, she must be on her period."

Why Am I Nervous This Time Of Month?

Let's introduce it, it's called PMS. PMS syndrome is one of the syndromes that women are most affected by. In our previous articles, we talked about this issue a lot. In general, it has both physical and mental effects on our body and they can be reduced by both medications and non-medication daily habits.

But before that, there is one thing to do: listen to yourself. Our body is a hormone canvas, and it releases different levels of hormones for 28 days, making this painting a work of art. The important thing is to notice which brush stroke will come when and make your frame magnificent.

Our advice is to download the menstrual cycle calendar and use it regularly every day for 2 or even 3 months. When you observe the order of your cycle, keep up with harmony and rise above the clouds.

1. Don't Skip The Me Time

Even if you're at work, when you're nervous, take a 15-minute break and try to do something alone instead of having a coffee with your friends. For example, make yourself a coffee with your full attention.

By coffee, we're not talking about brewing a filter coffee and putting it in a cup. Instead, you should treat yourself like it's the queen's tea hour. Choose the most stylish mug, prepare a small marshmallow next to the coffee, and maybe a piece of chocolate.

Get maximum efficiency that me time. In this way, you will disrupt your anger by moving away from bad ideas, toxic people, and you will do something for yourself, truly.

two women sitting at a caffee

2. Gossip

It's not a joke. Talking, especially talking about things that make you angry and upset, is one of the things that comfort us the most. Although the gossip we're talking about is not to analyze a person's entire family from bottom to top, talking to your friends about an event that makes you uncomfortable will help you express feelings that you can't suppress, and relax.

What did Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens, say? Gossip is the major reason why societies are formed and evolved. That's how we created communication. Gossip is a special and beautiful power for people.

Gossip relaxes, you should love gossip.


3. Yoga and meditation are good for nerves

Meditation and especially yoga are good for our mental health. It also carries oxygen to our muscles, as they allow us to move and stretch. It has also been proven to be good for a person's mental health, as it pushes the happiness hormones in our body even after light activity. In both psychological and psychiatric treatments, doctors always recommend the regular activity to support the process.

4. Flaxseed Is Beneficial To Women's Health

Flaxseed has been the favorite of both dietitians and consumers in recent years. It has a lot of nutrients like Omega-3. One important note is that you should consume it by grinding. It can also balance our sudden mood changes by balancing the estrogen release.

5. Calcium, magnesium, and B6 supplements

Clinically, these 3 important substances have been proven to reduce the psychological effects of PMS. You can take these 3 in form of supplements or starting by the second week of your cycle you can make small changes to your diet. For example, regular consumption of the following products can make you very comfortable and relaxed by reducing sudden mood changes:

  • Milk and dairy products

  • Green leafy Yesil

  • Orange

  • Fish

  • Chicken and Turkey


6. Accessible Psychological Help

Sometimes all these suggestions don't work, and that's when we need professional help. But we may not be able to quickly get professional help at midnight, have lunch at the office, or on our long trips.

In these situations, we must accept all the help we can get without ignoring our psychological tensions. Thanks to better help, you can access professional psychological help at any time and anywhere.

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3 commentaires

Alara Akcasiz
Alara Akcasiz
10 mai 2021

The best is to use flaxseed with greek yogurt it is very tasty!

En réponse à

I’ll have to try that. Thanks.


Yoga, meditation and breathing practices have been massively beneficial to me, both during the stressful time in my cycle and now, dealing with the anxiety and brain fog of (peri) menopause. The supplements you mentioned are great, though flax seed is new to me. I’ll check it out. Thank you for sharing.

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