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At-Home Activities That Can Make You Happy

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

For the ones that are actually staying at home, we feel you! Staying at home, looking at the walls, and doing some common activities are getting more and more boring. We wrote this article for the ones that are stuck at home and the ones that are extremely bored!

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No Jumping Exercices

On the days when we move less and have minimum socialization, we tend to feel more sad, tired, and anxious. For this reason, we need to pump happiness hormones to start the day. We hate jumping in our apartment, being extra noisy, and getting extra tired at the end of the exercise. So, the best way to go is to choose no jumping or pajama exercises! Yes, you are not going to lose weight just like that but you are going to surely sweat a little, get energized, and feel better at the end. Try out some of these exercises to start your day!

Did you know that when we exercise we pump happiness hormones like serotonin? That's why exercising daily is the common habit of happy and successful people. Even if it's 30 minutes of walking every day.

Of course, there is no exercise routine that gives you instant happiness but it sure gives you freshness after you do it, and losing a little sweat just feels like a vitamin itself! Just knowing and doing something that is proven to be good for your body is enough to make you feel better.

A warm and energized shower


Everybody knows that a warm shower relaxes your body. But to make it energized we have a secret, becoming Madonna! We are pretty sure once in your life you give your bubbly hair a shape and act like you are in a photo shoot. So here you go! Making your shower a little fun can make you energized at the end. Here are some of our suggestions you can do to make your shower both fun and healthy for your skin.

  • Before going into the shower open a mood-boosting playlist that is filled with hit songs of the '90s.

  • Before rinsing your shampoo, give your hair a crazy shape.

  • Put hair lotion and close the water and give a fricking concert for one song!

  • After rinsing the lotion get out of the shower and do your skincare routine!

What can you achieve by listening to music during showering?

  • Feeling good

  • By reducing the water flow to hear out the song you can reduce your water usage

  • Instead of waiting in silence for your moisturizer to work it's a great and fun alternative

What to eat when you don't get to move a lot?

a bowl of food

Our lunch pick is a good balanced Mediterranean tuna salad! One of the things that are making you happy is to doing things healthy on purpose. One of those things is having a full meal that is delicious and healthy at the same time. We have a perfect recipe that only takes about 15 minutes!

What do you need?

  • A can of tuna

  • Half cup of wetted fine wheat

  • Iceberg

  • Red pepper

  • Pickles

  • Lemon


  • After chopping icebergs, pepper and pickles put them in a bowl.

  • Wet the fine wheat with boiled water and add once it swells with the water

  • After separating the oil of the tuna add it to the bowl with the squeezed lemon

  • Add all the spices you want

  • Mix everything and voila!

Short and Fun Shows to Watch

The best at-home activity is watching a series, of course! After feeling refreshed with a full tummy it's time to lie down and watch a fun series. Here are some suggestions we love with female-led characters!