Let your habits upgrade you

Join challenges to change and improve your habits from day one until it's sustainable.

We started with the question "What Women Want?". Triwi Global designs different challenges to push women out of their comfort zones. We believe to have a healthier and a stronger community WOMEN MUST INVOLVE!


What is a triwi challenge?

With the sisterhood network you can see how many people is trying and getting result from which challenge!

Removing unhealthy habits

Making the new habits sustainable

Placing healthy habits

Don't feel alone during challenges

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Triwi challenges women from zero waste living lifestyle to productivity.


7 - 14 -21 days of productivity at home and at office

Healthy Living

7 - 14 - 21 days of healthy diet, leaving sugar, leaving smoking and starting meditation.


7 - 14 - 21 days of gardening, reading and painting.


Who We Are

Mom & Daughter

Here at Triwi Global, we know that supporting each other is the key message to the community. A little support from one woman to another can change the world! Since 2018, we are designing technologies and services for women with women. Our core business is giving strength to a woman by guidance to touch and listen to the small signs their body gives.


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